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Stock Photo News is your professional ezine to keep in touch with the trends of the online market for photography. By combining marketing issues with stock photography and how to make the most out of pictures this monthly ezine helps you not to loose on the dynamic market for pictures and how they are used.

Stock Photo News takes the pulse of the stock photo industry and gives you hints on how to search for stock photography and where to get the best pictures.

News about new picture agencies, merging stock photo agencies and other important changes for the creative professional are brought in many issues.

Even for the budding stock photographer or the student of creative productions this photo ezine should be well worth studying as it is dealing with the potential of pictures and offer stock photo news related to marketing and stock photography - including the newest information about stock photo distributors / picture agencies.

Stock Photo News has been published since 1999 and was the first professional newsletter to combine pictures and marketing.

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