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No. 27

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and
Marketing - Published since 1999

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

December 2007



* From the Editor

* Santa Deal Time 2007

* Another time sensitive offer: Professional website

* Digital Photo Frames to Display Your Best Pictures -
Great Gift Ideas for Christmas

* Christmas Cards - Created as Personalized Gifts with
your Digital Camera

* Your gift for reading SPN

* Multi domain hosting - cheap and big volume

* Wedding Stock Website

* Getty Images Announces Early Success with Online Image
Product and Additional Product Refinements

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News

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Welcome to the last issue of Stock Photo News for 2007.
It will prepare you well for the next year and at the
same time help you to catch up with opportunities at the
end of this year.

In the spirit of Christmas a real gift is included for
you, just read on. Two Christmas related articles are
included, too.

Pictures speak many languages, but search engines only
read words - a recurrent theme - I have some new points
to add for your inspiration: Review last issue of SPNs
combined with the Santa Deal 2007 offer and you will get

You will also find some time sensitive offers that will
help you start up new streams of income, backed by the
best resources available.

Merry Christmas! And see you next year.

Enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.
"Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated.
Send email to (please remove
the inserted part added to avoid email harvesters).

*** Important note: I will not sell or rent the email
addresses belonging to our subscribers - I respect your
privacy. This mail list will only be used to send you the
monthly ezine. - This ezine uses opt in addresses.***
Soren Breiting



This is a huge package of useful material for your
online business and marketing. I got the package of
last year and have made good use of it.

And now I have just got the huge package of 2007 and
can again say that this material has a great potential
if you make use of it, or at least make use of some parts
of it as it is really huge.

The best thing is that the material includes only new
products - to sell, ebooks and scripts to use and/or
sell, articles to support your business, websites,
graphics, and videos etc. etc…

May I recommend you to make a print of the whole list
to get a full overview of how many things you are
actually getting?

Follow me and take a look at

Unfortunately this huge package is only available a
few days now before Christmas.


As you know a successful website is nowadays very little about
webhosting but about a lot of other aspects of the design and
promotion of the site. I have for many years been a member of
the SBI co-operation that has the most friendly and honest
network available.

The main figure is Ken Evoy who is a very helpful and keen
marketer and run a 100% honest network of websites with all
thinkable facilities available.

When I dare to call it a co-operation it is because around the
charismatic Ken Evoy many website owners are helping each other through the SBI Forum with advice and support.

Even the SBI idea is to offer a website with unlimited traffic
and webhosting the real goodies are linked to its facilities
to research keywords, to implement everything you can imagine in your website and to have someone to ask about everything related to an online business or information service.

But for all of us who are using pictures for our marketing it IS
a really useful aspect not to have to worry about bandwidth and hosting capacity.

Until Dec. 25 2007 you will get into SBI for half the normal price, or
in fact get two websites for the price of one, so you will have
a very nice and original gift to give or make use of two sites
yourself. If you are too late, it will still be a bargain to
get a SBI website at

If you have questions related to SBI you will get a professional
answer here:
(a typical example of how genuine Ken Evoy is working with other people).



How to find nice gift ideas for Christmas that are personal
and valued by the receiver as a gift with a function in
everyday life? A digital photo frame might be the best
Christmas gift idea to search for - fitting nearly all age
groups. Read on in this article about what to look for and
how to make the best use of the possibilities.

A digital photo frame is a LCD screen that function as a
photo frame for several photos. You can have the digital
photo frame standing on a table or hanging on the wall.
The photo frame can be displaying one picture permanently,
or you can set it to change with certain intervals between
a larger number of photos.

Digital photo frames are rather small devices and they are
simple to start up with. The photo frame will run without
any computer connection, just a small cord to connect to
the electricity adapter is needed.

You feed the digital photo frame with a memory card.
Some brands of digital photo frames take all kinds of
memory cards other brands only take some cards. As I know
all digital photo frames do take the standard SD card and
many have the Five-in-one Card Reader that supports
CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. The newer models will have USB 2.0
connections that can be used for fast transfer of pictures
from your computer. Even the older USB 1.0 connection will
do fine. But still the computer isn't needed when the picture
frame is being used.

The active screen of a digital photo frame is between 7" and 15".
The resolution depends on the quality of the photo frame and
the size of the active screen. The resolution is typical
between 560x420 pixels and 1024 x768 pixels. In the future
I am sure we will see still bigger active screens and higher
numbers of resolution of the screens. But today's technology
of the digital photo frames is indeed very well developed.

The digital photo frames come in many styles. Some are mimics
of traditional wooden picture frames fitting into a rather
old-fashioned home atmosphere. Other digital photo frames
are of more modern design, fitting better to young people
and to people who are of a more high tech style in their
living or office.

When buying gifts for Christmas we are often on the look-out
for something that will function as a nice surprise for the
receiver. I like to find gifts for our nearest family members
that have a personal touch - I search for gifts that show that
I really know their interests and how to make them happy.

To make a digital photo frame a personal gift isn't that
difficult if you have some relevant pictures. You can simply
add a fitting memory card to the gift, and transfer a few
photos that you are sure will be regarded as personal and

I you are not in last second with deciding the purchase you
might even be able to take a few digital pictures suitable
to be included on the memory card.

Many will have older pictures from family events, weddings etc. that might be some of the most valuable pictures to load the
digital photo frame with to create the perfect personal
Christmas gift.

Get more advice on buying digital photo frames at

Søren Breiting is working a lot with photos and uses them to
make his big family happy. See also Soren's high resolution
stock photos at .



Do you buy your Christmas cards at the local vendor as
everybody else? Or do you make use of your digital camera to
create your own personalized gift cards for Christmas? This
before Christmas article will tell you how to do it.

It is very easy nowadays to give your Christmas cards a
fully personal look and feel by using modern technology.
And it isn't expensive either. With a digital camera, your
computer and your printer you can do everything yourself.
But just with the digital camera you can create the part
that turns your Christmas cards into a personalized gift
for Christmas and have it produced by a Christmas cards
printing service.

Remember, that for many the annual Christmas card is the
thing that keeps the connection to other family members and
friends living far away. Many people hold the feeling of
belonging to someone's inner circle for years without meeting
just by receiving the annual Christmas card. Christmas cards
should be taken more seriously than we might use to do.

Tips to make the personalized picture card - read on.

As pictures taken with digital cameras come as immediate
results you can easily experiment a little and take some
Here are some ideas for what to focus on. Later I will give
you ideas to including the Christmas feeling into the picture:

Alternative 1: You are living alone
Take a picture of yourself or of your dog, cat or pet.
Alternative, take a picture of your house, a room, part of
your garden or something else people will clearly relate to

Alternative 2: You are living in a family or the like
You have very many options:

- Take pictures of the youngest member of the family. The
youngest member is the one that receivers of the Christmas
card will appreciate most to see the development of 'since
last Christmas'. If you have a pet in the family include
that with the child.

- Take pictures of the whole family. It isn't a problem
that it is an arranged photo.

- Take pictures of the youngest child with the oldest
member of the family. That will always generate a lot of
feelings and attention.

How to include the Christmas feeling into the picture?

You will need very little to add that extra Christmas
feeling into your photography.
If you are only taking a picture of a single person or
two you can let a candlelight play a big role in the picture
frame. A newly married couple looking from each side into a
candlelight without any strong light added might be an
intimate and cute picture for Christmas.

We have a lot of symbols we use for Christmas: Christmas
tree, red ribbons, red apples, red in general, Christmas
decorations, candle lights, Christmas presents made as
nice packages, yes, even snow and darkness. And all symbols
of Santa Claus. You might have many more ideas.
Include one or two of these in the picture when you take
it to underline that feeling of Christmas. (I don't expect
you to include a full Christmas tree - just a small twig
will do.)

How should the Christmas picture look like?
Make the Christmas picture look as simple as possible.
Not a lot of detail. Focus on the main motive and idea of
the picture and avoid a lot of things around. These will
only make the picture messier. That means go close to
capture the essence of it as a Christmas picture.
Include if possible just a few colors as that will make
the picture look more professional.

Select the best alternative shot, stay with it and be
happy with that.

Layout of the Christmas card and printing the cards

>> Do it your self cards
Depending on the word processor you use you will have access
to the possibility to insert pictures and insert the text
you want to have printed on the card.
In many cases you will have access to card formats with
pre-made card templates. That makes the whole process much
easier. You can also search in Google for templates for
Christmas cards or the like.
When you have finished your layout and made a proof print
you can start your production of your own personalized
Christmas cards. T use more heavy paper will improve the
look and feel of your self-made Christmas cards.

>> Use a printing service for your personalized Christmas cards
Most photo service providers will be able to deliver your
personalized Christmas cards in the number you want.
The more cards the cheaper. You can search for bargains
in Google. You will be able to select the layout and
additional text online with many photo printing providers.

The earlier you start your production of your own personalized
Christmas cards the better a chance you will have to get
them done in time for a modest cost. Your efforts this
year to provide family and friends with a truly personalized
Christmas card will be highly valuated, you will see.

Do you need a new digital camera before Christmas - take a
look on Canon Digital Cameras with highly recommended digital
cameras at .

Soren Breiting is taking a lot of pictures all year round.
See his high resolution images at A-Z Fotos


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Winter Park, Fla. (PRWEB) December 12, 2007 --
Journalistic wedding photos are now available to savy
online and offline editors and web designers in the
$70 billion wedding marketplace where stock imagery
has become a commodity of the evolution of digital
technology. Award-winning photo journalist John J. Unrue
has launched, a creative stock
photos website that focuses on cutting edge wedding images.

Unrue works with a core team of professionals at
John J. Unrue Photography to support his premium photo
journalism efforts for wedding photos, celebrity photos,
green weddings, and other professional photography ventures.
Wedding images include fabulous food photos, jewelry,
fashions, flowers, gifts churches, hotels, and even travel
and destination. There are also countless opportunities
to shoot close-up images of family, friends and loved ones
sharing moments that reflect timeless expressions that
can be adapted to satisfy many other categories for websites
or editorial image requirements.

In a marketplace where stock imagery has become a commodity
of the evolution of digital technology, award-winning photo
journalist John J. Unrue has launched,
a creative stock photos website that focuses on cutting edge
wedding images. Unrue works with a core team of professionals
at John J. Unrue Photography to support his premium photo
journalism efforts for wedding photos, celebrity photos,
green weddings, and other professional photography ventures.

Capturing the essence and spirit of more than 1,500 lavish
weddings and special celebrations around the world, Unrue
offers nearly 25 years of experience in commercial and
professional photography and photojournalism to his clients.
His black and white vintage photos, art photography and
color specialties have a journalistic, catch-the-moment
flair often compared to memorable Time/Life Magazine
photography. Unrue's unique collection of wedding stock images include scenes of brides, getting ready, bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen, the bridal party, flowers, receptions, ceremonies, the toast, cake cutting, dancing and departures.

About 2.4 million couples get married every year in the U.S.,
at an average cost of $20,000 per wedding, generating total
revenues of some $70 billion, according to,
an online wedding resource. Additionally, editorial and
media outlets are changing the way they do business in
view of the Internet and online publishing, including
the use of stock images as opposed to high-budget editorial

With the evolution of computers, chips and networks, futurists
predict that four billion people will be doing Internet
commerce by 2025 when the Internet will have become the
largest global network for ideas, commerce, health care,
and education. (Source: The Extreme Future, by James Canton.)

The Internet has created conditions where the John J. Unrue
Photography team can share a voice through images that provide a unique take on cultural trends and how they will shape weddings in the future. Unrue decided to launch the wedding stock photos website because of the tremendous growth in online advertising that is communicating, connecting and influencing contemporary and captive audiences online.

"The wedding images marketplace offers those seeking stock
images a wide variety of image categories. Many of today's
wedding ceremonies are in unusual venues - museums, zoos,
and gardens. Plus today's green weddings provide images
of environmentally friendly flowers, beach wedding photos,
table décor and hybrid cars and limos," said Unrue.

"Wedding images include fabulous food photos, jewelry,
fashions, flowers, gifts churches, hotels, and even travel
and destination. There are also countless opportunities
to shoot close-up images of family, friends and loved ones
sharing moments that reflect timeless expressions that can
be adapted to satisfy many other categories for websites or
editorial image requirements."

John Unrue has mastered the cutting edge art form of
professional digital photography allowing clients much greater
flexibility and artistic style while maintaining the highest
level of quality for their cherished images. These images
include wedding photography, wedding reception photos, and
celebrity photos that now grace the Internet with wedding
photos online and stock photography.

About John J. Unrue Photography
Established in1988, John J. Unrue Photography is the preferred
house for celebrities, professional athletes, high-society
and corporate executives requiring both photography excellence
and discreet professionalism. Unrue routinely shoots far from
his Florida base in destinations such as Paris, Italy, the
Caribbean, California, Dallas, Chicago and Vermont to name
just a few.

Unrue's work has graced the pages of high-end publications
such as Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Elegant Bride Magazine,
Modern Bride Magazine, Wedding Dresses Magazine,
The Knot's Wedding Pages, For the Groom, Central Florida Brides Magazine
and Orlando Magazine to name among others.

He has been selected to shoot weddings for LIFETIME Televisions acclaimed series "Weddings of a Lifetime" as well as for the USA Today.

Find John Unrue's new wedding photos online at




SEATTLE, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/
-- Getty Images, Inc. (NYSE: GYI) today announced that customers
are enthusiastically embracing its recently launched Web-resolution
product which was created to address increased demand for fresh,
high-quality and simple to use imagery for online usages.

The new product enables customers producing content for the rapidly
expanding online market to use award-winning imagery from the
broadest and highest quality collection in the world in their
media and advertising.

"We created a brand new product, at a compelling price point,
for an entirely new market, and customers are responding,"
said Nick Evans-Lombe, executive vice president of imagery,
products and services at Getty Images. "The Web-resolution
product is in its early days, but demand is already very strong.
We are bringing new customers into our business through this
product, who are then licensing more broadly across other
collections and other usages. Getty Images continues to be
a catalyst for change in the industry, creating opportunities
for our photographers and the broader photographic community."

Since the launch of this new product, the company has attracted thousands of new customers, and has seen a significant increase in volumes of the new Web-resolution product. Furthermore, customers licensing the new product are also licensing imagery across the Getty Images portfolio.

"Getty Images was able to provide us with the new, low-res file size images for a large project we recently did," said Kylie Anderson, resource manager at "We were able to find the quality we needed in their library at the right price and received quick and friendly service - our client was very impressed with us!"

Getty Images today also announced new refinements to the
Web-resolution product. The refinements address photographers' specific concerns around licensing terms for online imagery while providing an opportunity for them to benefit from the exponential growth of the online market.

"We have had very positive dialogue with our photographer
community, and this input has been invaluable in helping us
evolve the product," said Paul Banwell, director of photographer relations. "While keeping an important and relevant product for customers, the refinements address photographers' concerns specific to licensing duration, distribution and usage for the rights-ready and rights-managed products, while the royalty-free product remains unchanged."

"We are pleased the outcome of our direct dialog and Getty
Images' open-minded approach is an improved license product
that resolves many of the concerns raised by photographers
and our coalition, and expands new licensing opportunities
for a growing market for very small digital uses where this
type of product makes sense," said Betsy Reid, SAA executive

For more information about the Web-resolution file format,

About Getty Images

Getty Images is the world's leading creator and distributor
of visual content and the first place creative professionals
turn to discover, purchase and manage imagery. The company's award-winning photographers and imagery help customers create inspiring work which appears every day in the world's most influential
newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, television
programs, books and Web sites. Headquartered in Seattle, WA and serving customers in more than 100 countries, Getty Images believes in the power of imagery to drive positive change, educate, inform, and entertain. Visit Getty Images at

For more information please contact:
Cara Jacobson
Edelman Seattle

Bridget Russel
Getty Images

SOURCE: Getty Images, Inc.

CONTACT: Cara Jacobson of Edelman Seattle, +1-206-268-2203,, for Getty Images, Inc.; or
Bridget Russel of Getty
Images, Inc., +1-206-925-6405,

Web site:



Life is full of wonderful opportunities despite the general
financial crisis and uncertainty of the nearest future.
But I have often found it difficult to concentrate my efforts
on just a few opportunities and tasks.

With a production of thousands of stock pictures every year
these are a challenge to manage and to prepare for the market.
Combined with a deep interest in the great potential of online
business and international communication the opportunities
seem endless - but we all have to choose and focus to come along.

One of my new tasks in 2007 has been to start and manage a
Danish article directory, as
user generated online activities were expected to be the
biggest growing opportunity in 2007. My main motivation was
that we needed such a facility in Denmark, while there are
lots of article sites in English language some of which I am already making use of.

The viral spreading of my English articles is one of the reasons
I now have more than 3000 daily visitors to my main photo site

As most articles for have been
written as fresh material it takes time to build a substantial
database of quality articles. And to my surprise it has taken
much longer time and more efforts to get contributions from
colleagues and writers.

I have now started campaigning for the use of articles from and it will be interesting to
follow the effect of my marketing. My first press release
increased the number of visitors to
to around 250%.

Now, the real question will be how much the number of visitors
and end-users increase during the next months.

See you next year.



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You are welcome to forward this newsletter to a friend or
to post it on your own website as long as you keep ALL
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information, intact and keep all links.

Stock Photo News is 'in principle' a monthly newsletter
edited by me, Soren Breiting. Due to many travels abroad
it is impossible for me to keep the schedule of the issues
strictly fitting to each month. My intention is to bring
quality information that isn't outdated a month or two

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