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No. 32-33

The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and Marketing - Published since 1999

'Equally important for picture buyers and image providers.'

September - October 2008



* From the Editor

* Article marketing is the cheapest marketing strategy – and one of the most efficient

* Article Marketing – An Overview

* Get many more links to your site and get a permanent increase in traffic

* The issue of model release and property release

* Photographic Expressions - 7 Tools For Creating A Clear Statement In Your Photos By guest author Morten Svenningsen

* Free ebook about off line marketing

* Reducing your daily costs in your business

* Digital Railroad is closing

* Hard times for stock photography business continue: Corbis cuts royalty rate to photographers

* Needing an alternative outlet for your stock photography? - Image Warehouse might be the solution

* Extra income streams for stock photographers – Sell your skills

* Good News: Introducing XHeader

* More Good News: Mapping your visitors and get good backlinks with Feedjit

* A mobile workstation for stock photographers: ThinkPad W700

* Since Last Stock Photo News

* White-list Stock Photo News


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The financial crisis is really over us - all over the world. What to do? How to survive with our business? – No simple answers to these crucial questions, but this double issue of Stock Photo News should definitely be helpful for you to survive and reach your goals related to publicizing or producing and selling imagery. Therefore the focus on the first articles are about the marketing aspect as these are crusial for your success.

One thing is for sure. Publishers will still need to find the best possible pictures for their creative productions. In downtimes there isn’t that much room for mistakes. An advertising campaign has to deliver. The flow of free lifestyle magazines is currently being larger and larger, and pictures here are among the most important ingredients for the magazines' branding and appeal to the consumer.

Stock photo buyers might be more pressed to keep the costs low for buying new images. On the other hand the consumption of pictures is increasing with impressive speed.

At the one side the picture researchers need to find the best available pictures for the lowest price. On the other hand they need to be very efficient with their working time. In some companies we might expect fewer people to have the task of doing more. This tendency might move customers toward the big picture agencies where pictures of all kinds can be found in one take.

The web offers at the same time an incredible opportunity for the entrepreneur minded photographer and picture distributor to play with the big guys by offering cheaper imagery of an acceptable quality in the eyes of many kinds of users.

For small as well as bigger businesses the marketing aspect is only becoming more important if you want to keep your head above the rising waters.

This is exactly what this issue of SPN should help you with - so read, print and keep.

Enjoy reading Stock Photo News!

Soren Breiting, Editor.

A-Z FOTOS "Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

Comments, tips and relevant articles are appreciated. Send email to (please remove the inserted part added to avoid email harvesters).

*** Important note: I will not sell or rent the email addresses belonging to our subscribers - I respect your privacy. This mail list will only be used to send you the monthly ezine. - This ezine uses opt in addresses.*** Soren Breiting



Write focused articles fitting to your market and get many more visitors and buyers free.

This might sound like a fairytale but it is really true. Rather simple 400-600 word articles explaining how people can ‘solve a problem’ they have will spread on the web for years and send you qualified buyers to your site and your products.

The only thing is that you need to know how to do it to get the most out of the strategy.

I have just read a great ebook explaining the whole thing in an easy read style and with a lot of the newest things to take into account.

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Article marketing can generate tons of traffic to your website when used correctly. While it is true that time is money and you should place a high value on your time, for an internet marketer just starting out with limited or no financial resources, article marketing can be the key to securing a future. Money is not necessary and special computer skills are not required.

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The free Value exchange service of SBI is a must use, not least in tuff times:



- Not a problem for editorial stock photography according to this little video by Rohn Eng in one of his barn door lectures. Unfortunately produced in a surprisingly bad technical quality: ........................................................


By Morten Svenningsen

Composition in photography is the art of arranging your photographic subjects within the camera’s frame in a way that is pleasing. Or, indeed, in an unpleasing and disturbing way if that’s your intention. The statement of an image is always subjective, but some general rules of thumb can be useful to remember. Here is a set of basic guidelines

>> >> A Harmonious Expression

Following the rule of thirds, “Photography’s Golden Rule”, you usually get a fairly harmonious relation between the main subject and it’s surroundings. The main subject is placed in a way that attracts attention to it, and there is still a significant space on the side of the subject for the surroundings to stand out and remain an unbroken secondary element of the image. What you get is usually a play of sorts between the two elements.

Curved lines in the image, like soft rolling hills, often adds to the idyllic and harmonious expression while arranging multiple subjects in round shapes can add a sense of unity or solidarity to the photo.

>> >> An Antagonistic Expression

Place your main subject in the extreme corner or in the side of the frame and you’ll usually get a different expression. I find it often leaves an antagonistic expression between the subject and it’s surroundings, the two elements playing against each other in a way. If for instance you want to express disconnection, solitude or alienation between a person and his/her surroundings, I find it useful to place the person in one of the extreme lower corners of the frame.

The danger is that the viewer will normally not pay so much attention to the corners of the image as to the subjects placed in the center or according to the rule of thirds. So it is useful to keep the ‘surroundings part’ very simple, without too many distracting little details so as to point the viewers attention to your subject.

>> >> A Mysterious Expression

Placing the main subject in the center of the frame is another option you have. Many amateurs do this by default and most other tutorials simply advise against it. But it can also work for you if your purpose is to create a sense of confusion, uncertainty or even mystery.

Placing the main subjects smack in the middle of the frame is a simple way of going about it, but it can actually be a bit confusing to look at. The background is cut up in two equal halves, leaving our eyes circling around, not knowing where to land.

The effect can be enhanced by cropping the picture to a 1:1 square format. Strong symmetry and radial lines pointing towards the image center can even leave an expression of insanity. If that’s what you are aiming for then by all means, shoot your subjects dead center!

>> >> A Calm Expression

An image dominated by strong horizontal lines can leave a sense of stability and calmness, perhaps even heaviness. Think of a flat house or a broad landscape. A clear horizon is often used for this purpose.

Including a big triangular shape with a flat base or arranging multiple subjects this way in the frame usually increases the sense of stability in the image.

>> >> A Dynamic Expression

Using diagonal lines and something shaped as an inverted triangle (“standing on it’s tip”), can leave a sense of instability, change, action and conflict. Remember that tilting your camera a little bit can transform horizontal and vertical lines into slightly diagonal lines, giving a bit stronger feel of drama, action and change.

>> >> An Expression of Grandeur

Strong vertical lines usually spell things like greatness, ambition and achievement. Think for instance of Gothic church architecture, with their huge gates and pillars striving up towards the sky.

Such lines can also be created by having a person in the picture who is looking slightly upwards, perhaps with a distant expression in his/her eyes. There will be invisible lines along the direction he/she is looking in, creating a sense of great hopes, dreams and ambitions.

>> >> Cropping for Expression

Finally, it’s not just the elements inside the image that create the expression. It is also the format of the image. There’s an infinite number of variations to the exact format, but basically the image can be either horizontal format (flat), vertical format (tall) or square format.

As hinted above, the horizontal format usually leaves a greater sense of stability, the vertical format a more dynamic feeling and the square format perhaps a slightly more chocking, sudden impact feeling.

All these “rules” are of course subjective and not carved in stone. People are different and everyone will have their own feelings when looking at the same image. The subject of the photo and the expression of any person in it, also adds directly to the overall photographic expression. But I do think that there is some sort of universal similarity in the way we all form our feelings from an image. So use these “rules” as nothing more than a guideline. And most importantly try to sense what feelings the different compositions make on you when you compose your next photos!

The author, Morten Svenningsen, is a Danish photographer based in Asia . Visit his web site to see hundreds of documentary photos, travel photos and portraits. It's even possible to order a few posters. There's also a free tutorial article series on photography and links to many other useful web resources.



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Have you been through all functions of your business and investigated where to reduce costs? Here are a few options:

- Make most expensive telephone calls using Skype online from your computer – it is free.

- Convert as much mail as possible to email delivery and reduce postage and handling

- Reduce your daily routines’ consumption of energy: light, heating, cooling, running electric devices, computers etc. Switch off when not in use. Many kinds of equipment can be changed to much more energy efficient models that will pay their cost in a very short time.

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The following message was send to ASMP members and I think it is so omportant that I dare to distribute it as is:

Digital Railroad is about to close its doors, probably on Wednesday. If you don’t have any relationship with Digital Railroad, skip to the last paragraph for a bit of good news. But if you have images with DRR, there is very little time to act.

Two groups of people should pay special attention:

- If you have been using DRR to deliver images for a current assignment, you and your client need to arrange an alternative delivery mechanism.

- If you used DRR’s tools to keyword your images (and, thus, don’t have the keywords in your own database or in your backup copies of the images), you will lose that labor unless you transfer the images somewhere.

One option is to take advantage of PhotoShelter’s special offer to DRR contributors. The details are posted on PhotoShelter’s site at

Note that PhotoShelter says the offer is good through November 4, but if DRR pulls the plug before that, migration will no longer be possible. And, as we’ve heard, the shutoff date is likely to be October 29.

The good news I promised is that there are other image distributors in the market. One is Image Warehouse, which last winter extended a nice discount to ASMP members and is planning an offer for this year.

Another is ImageSpan, an impressive newcomer to the market that has a very nice program and is developing a deal for ASMP. We’ll be telling you more quite soon.



In a report from October 25. PDN tells about the decision of Corbis, World's second largest stock photo agency and owned by Bill Gates, to reduce the royalty ratio to their photographers for rights-managed stock photos, not for royalty-free stock photos. Read on at ........................................................



According to the invitation by Image Warehouse: Image Warehouse brings you the best stock deal in the industry and it’s FREE! Introducing the Image Warehouse Seller Account!

Any Photographer or Artist who chooses the new Image Warehouse Seller Account and up-loads ALL their images into the Public Gallery for sale will not be charged a monthly service fee. Sellers will only be charged for sales at the standard Image Warehouse 15% sales commission.

What an Image Warehouse FREE Seller Account will do for you! An Image Warehouse FREE Seller Account allows subscribers to up-load images that they choose, without pre-screening by in-house editors, choose the pricing they want and the type of licensing rights to offer. With the new Seller Account there are no listing fees or archiving fees. It’s Free! Read on here: ........................................................



When you already have the professional skills to be a stock photographer you will be able to make use of these photographic skills for additional income streams. Read this article to get some fresh ideas to improve your total earnings.

The income as a stock photographer isn’t what it has been for many photographers who depend on their sales of stock photos. Happily many are doing very well in stock photography and new prospect photographers are being enrolled in the stock photography business everyday.

But … Stock photography is an uncertain income stream as the income nowadays is so depending on things happening on the Internet and these changes happen terrible fast – for the better or the worse.

Many photographers who are doing well in stock photography have their main income from some sort of commissioned photography and hopefully are fine with that. For such photographers the income from stock photography is an additional income just adding something extra. They might not need supplementary income streams

But a huge number of photographers have seen their chance to enter into a fulltime position as photographers through stock photography and they might be at risk. Get inspiration for the following list of income to optimize your income from your skills as a stock photographer.

>> >> Teach better picture taking

The income per hour as a stock photographer is often quite low (and uncertain). Teaching is often much better paid. Choose an audience you are comfortable with. Make use of your special expertise. Is it pet photography, macro photography, children photography, flower photography, items photography – or is it using PhotoShop to optimize the quality of digital pictures?

Or how to archive pictures in such a way that the photographer can find them again? Start small, get teaching experience and build your reputation as a teacher in photography. Teaching might be your best bet of getting supplementary income streams.

>> >> Give presentations using your photography

Offer to give presentations about themed topics you already have covered in beautiful pictures. Start locally. Partnering with an organization might be helpful in the beginning. Market your skills and other offers.

>> >> Partner with non-fiction authors

Partner up with people who would like to write a book for a wider audience with a theme that could be suitable for your skills as a stock photographer. Some of such people might work at the universities and have a mandate to communicate locally. Local guide books might be an option, too. Local tourist associations might be interested and willing to support the production.

>> >> Be a travel guide for travellers who like photography

This option is especially suitable for wildlife photographers, travel photographers, historical photographers. Contact a suitable travel agency to take care of the most of the practicalities.

>> >> Sell individual photos as framed signed pictures

Some photographers are doing quite well selling framed signed pictures, but as I know they have to work hard for it.

>> >> Develop your own website to support your activities

Develop your own photographic website and find ways to commercialize the generated traffic.

The smart thing is that some of the above mentioned activities will also give you opportunities to produce more stock photos.

Soren Breiting is the editor of Stock Photo News. ........................................................


XHeader lets you create amazing header graphics in minutes. And the real great thing is that you don’t need any previous knowledge of graphic design.

The package holds your hand every step of the way so that you end up with header graphics that you can be really proud of - something that stands out from the crowd and makes your site look every bit as good as the best sites on the Internet.

But it gets even better.

We’re so confident that XHeader will help you to create stunning headers that we’re giving away the software absolutely free of charge.



Feedjit is delivering a free and very smart service: You get a small world map on your site, see , scroll down the menu in the right side to see the map with the last visitors from the last 24 hours plotted in.

Click on the map and you go to the enlarged world map with up to 1000 visitors from the last 24 hours plotted see

This kind of maps are exciting anyway with their ability to be moved around and the zoom function.

The smart thing from a marketing point of view is that you will find links to your most visited webpages on the world map.

As these links are DOFOLLOW links as we call them they will boost your ranking in the search engines and stimulate the indexing of them.

You need the code on all your web pages but it is really not complicated. When you have set it up, you should do some efforts to generate links to the url of the map from other sites, like my url

You can use your new skills in article marketing (I hope you have understood the potential of article marketing see above) to create articles that link to this map. The more links you have to this map, the better this map will boost your traffic in Google and other search engines. I don't think you will be disappointed from the traffic it will generate after some time.

And finally another smart function of Feedjit, still in its beta version: Instead of explaining see for yourself at

This webpage is listing the webpages where your customers are clicking a link in real time and leaving your site. If you are a stock photographer with your pictures in different picture agencies you will appreciate this feature.

As before, do what you can to make links to this page as that will help you a lot in the search engines. ........................................................


Press Release: Lenovo Unleashes PC Beast on Mobile Workstation Market with ThinkPad W700

Research Triangle Park, NC – August 12, 2008:

Lenovo today introduced the ThinkPad W700, a 17-inch widescreen mobile workstation engineered with game-changing technologies and innovations to exceed the demands of the most data and graphics-intensive users. Lenovo brings the industry’s first built-in digitizer and color calibrator to a mobile workstation and combines these innovations with first-in-market technologies such as new NVIDIA® Quadro FX mobile graphics and supporting the upcoming Intel® mobile quad core processor. Other features such as optional dual hard drives with RAID configurations, up to 8 GB of high speed DDR3 memory, a range of wireless connectivity options and excellent multimedia capabilities including an optional Blu-ray™ DVD burner/player make the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation the standard-bearer for power and performance in a mobile workstation.

“Lenovo has engineered a new breed of mobile workstation with the ThinkPad W700,” said Peter Hortensius, senior vice president, Notebook Business Unit, Lenovo. “No other PC manufacturer has a mobile workstation that delivers the sheer power, performance and cutting-edge innovation that Lenovo has packed into the ThinkPad W700. The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation flat out delivers the command performance our customers demand at the desk as well as in the field."

According to IDC, the compound annual growth rate for the worldwide mobile workstation market has been more than 60 percent per year since 2002.1The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation extends Lenovo’s commitment to workstation users, complementing Lenovo’s W500 mobile workstation and ThinkStation S10 and D10 workstations. As workers in fields such as digital content creation, computer-aided design and manufacturing, digital photography and science fields including the oil and gas industries become increasingly mobile, they are demanding the full-featured performance of a desktop workstation in a mobile workstation.

First-in-Industry Engineered Innovation

The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation takes customer driven innovation to a new level with an optional built-in palm rest digitizer and color calibrator. Lenovo and Intel collaborated to integrate the color calibrator and digitizer into the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation. Designed for digital content creators and users, the mobile workstation’s digitizer helps them easily configure an image, either mapping it to the entire screen or to an area defined by the user. High performance users, especially digital photographers, will benefit from models with the built-in color calibrator as color continues to play an important role in their work. The calibrator automatically adjusts the display’s color in up to half the time of many external calibrators and with higher accuracy, resulting in the most accurate, true-to-life images in an integrated package.

Together with the upcoming Intel® mobile quad core processor, multimedia designers and animators now have outstanding quad-core processor performance and true color replication that is critical for realistic digital creations and workflow efficiencies.

Super-Charged Performance Unleashed

Supporting the latest Intel processor technologies including the upcoming mobile quad core processor, the mobile workstation can be configured with up to 8 GB of memory with an additional 2 GB of Intel Turbo Memory. Lenovo also offers models with Intel® vPro™ technology for complete manageability. The mobile workstation can be equipped with dual internal hard drives, including solid state drive storage.

The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation offers both the NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 2700M and 3700M Open GL graphics processors with up to 1 GB of dedicated video memory for exceptional graphics performance in a 17-inch mobile workstation. The hard drives can be configured for RAID 0 to help users access and save their data faster than traditional disk-writing methods, or users can choose RAID 1 for mirrored data redundancy.

The mobile workstation includes WiFi wireless connectivity. Additionally, users can connect to other devices wirelessly using mobile workstation models featuring Bluetooth and ultra wideband technology. Models supporting WiMAX will be available later this year.

New Heights in Display Technology and Multimedia Excellence

As the company’s first product with a 17-inch display, the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation delivers an unparalleled viewing experience with a combination of leading technologies. Its optional 400-nit WUXGA display provides up to twice the brightness of earlier ThinkPad mobile workstation models, and the 72 percent wide color gamut provides more than 50 percent greater color intensity. The high resolution, extreme brightness and wide color gamut coupled with the NVIDIA Quadro FX MXM graphics solution results in a user experience unequalled in a mobile workstation today. For external connectivity, the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation provides support for Dual Link DVI, Display Port and VGA. A 7-in-1 multicard reader, a nd five USB ports give users flexibility in transferring and accessing digital content.

Additionally, the workstation comes with an optional compact flash reader and Blu-ray™ DVD burner/player. An optional mini-dock extends the mobile workstation’s capabilities with eSATA and digital audio ports as well as convenient cabling for power, external monitors and peripherals.

Packed for extreme performance, the mobile workstation also features BIOS/port disablement and an optional fingerprint reader, a smartcard reader and hard drives with full-disk encryption. It will carry more than 20 certifications from independent software vendors.

“Our engineers use Lenovo ThinkStation workstations to help them design the next-generation Williams - Toyota FW31 race cars, aiming to make them faster and more agile, with greater performance than the competition," said Chris Taylor, IT manager, AT&T Williams. “We’re

thrilled to see Lenovo deliver the workstation performance we’ve come to rely on - now in a mobile, portable solution.”

Pricing and Availability2

The ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation will be available beginning in September with models starting at $2,978. It is available through Lenovo Business Partners and

About Lenovo

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is dedicated to building exceptionally engineered personal computers. Lenovo’s business model is built on innovation, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as a focus on investment in emerging markets. Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, the company develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services worldwide. Lenovo has major research centers in Yamato, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Raleigh, North Carolina.

For more information see

1 IDC. 1Q2008 Worldwide Quarterly Workstation Forecast.

2 Prices do not include tax or shipping and are subject to change without notice and is tied to specific terms and conditions. Reseller prices may vary. Price does not include all advertised features. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. ........................................................


Some important changes have happened in my life since last SPN. The most important was that I got my 6th grand child, a beautiful small girl October the 21. A successful birth is always like a miracle, even I should know better with my biological background.

In September I had the big pleasure to participate in a workshop about the stock photo industry and stock photographers' production of saleable stock at the Art Wolfe gallery and facilities in Seattle, Patrick Donehue, chief photographer of Corbis, was the experienced workshop leader, and the programme was described in last SPN see:

This workshop has prepared my future in stock photography very well is my conclusion and I am eager to continue my engagement in the development of the whole industry and in my own business as a stock photographer.

To travel from Denmark in northern Europe to Seattle at the north western coast of USA is quite a journey for a 5 days workshop. But I must say that the outcome of the workshop was well worth the total high costs and the time spend, due to the high quality of the planning and conduct by Patrick and his invited specialist contributors.

See you in next SPN. Soren



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