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The first Modern eZine combining Stock Photography and Marketing

September 2001



* From the Editor

* Tips for using conceptual pictures # 4

* Going digital (with scanner and camera)

* Take better Travel Pictures, Tip # 4: Look for colors.

* Guest article: The evolution of Search Engine Marketing
- by Robin Nobles

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* The digital workflow

* Learn from free marketing courses

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In the past month since last issue of Stock Photo News, images
has played a bigger role than probably ever before in history.

The chock and our anger has a lot to do with the imaging
ability of our time. By pictures - still and live - we are
informed all over the World, and from all over the World.

For me it is strange to re-read what I wrote in this introduction
last month at

Let me just stop here, and wish all my loyal readers a peaceful
and lucky future on our shared planet.

Soren Breiting

" Find Stock Photos from most of the World"

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This new list can hopefully further your own ideas.
Conceptual pictures function as symbols, metaphors,
icons or analogies in advertisements, for book covers,
illustrating articles and features etc.

Peace, peaceful, hoping for peace
... White dove
... White dove with oil palm twig
... Lightening a candle
... Grave / cemetery
... Handshake
... Peace contract being signed

Free as a bird
... A swallow flying up
... Riding wildly over the plains

Digital future
... Display of digits 1-2-1-1-1-2 etc
... Digital display
... Key boards
... Electrical cord-'spaghetti'
... Communication technology e.g. communication towers

Send me additional ideas for these concepts,
and I will publish them with your name/website
in the next issues .
New concepts will also be listed in the next issue.
All will later be put together and displayed at



On-line search for stock photos and digital delivery is now
more the rule than the exception in some parts of the world.
But many picture researchers, editors and publishers still
want to have access to the real stuff, i.e. the pictures on
film for own quality control and scanning.

For the picture providers this means that we have to cater
for a kind of hybrid solution, to be able to deliver both
kind of picture material. How long time we need that is not
possible to say concerning the whole world situation. Changes
might go very fast suddenly, when infrastructure are developed
and digital equipment of the right quality and price are

At A-Z Fotos we have just started to use the quite new medium
format scanner Nikon Coolscan 8000 ED. This is an excellent
scanner for 120, 220 and 35mm films and single pictures for a
reasonable price.

A resolution of 4000 dpi with additional features like multi
scanning and ability to compensate for dust and scratches makes
this an ideal tool for our scanning of the best pictures in
our files. It is nice, for example, to be able to "renew"
pictures which have been misused by customers without our
attention. As all picture agencies know, a picture which has
been sold once is more likely to be sold again than other

The quick development in the digital field is very difficult for
most of us to follow. Therefore it is so fine to have easy
access to quality information at the web.
We have much belief in the reviews available at:
Digital Photography Review, done by Phil Askey

You will find reviews very fast when new equipment are in the
pipeline, like the hot new Canon Eos 1D. You find an overview
of the available pro digital cameras at

(You need the two line url)

Phil Askey's review of the coming 5 mega pixels camera with
Zeiss zoom lens Sony DSC-F707 is very promising at


Take better travel pictures. Tip 4


Try always to look for one good color before you take
a picture: A blue door, a red bike, some yellow fruits
or some red flowers can each contribute to a more
interesting picture.

Contrary to the belief of many it is rarely the variety
of many colors which makes a good picture. One good color
which is repeated in the picture can often give a much more
stylish picture.

An alternative is two different colors which really match
each other to make an exceptional expression.

Modern film emulsions offer a wide variety of options related
to how you want the colors of your pictures to look and ?feel?.
The good old days? strive for colors as close to nature as
possible has been overrun by a strive for impressive colors.
These can be produced in different ways.

The easiest is to use films with highly saturated colors.
Films like Velvia from Fuji and Ectachrome VS from Kodak
deliver that kind of results. Personally I use Ectachrome VS
for my 35 mm. stock photography.

In general simply measuring the light is enough to have these
saturated colors delivered from the film. To expose the film a
little below the meter reading gives deeper colors, and to over
expose the film will wash out the colors. The Velvia film is
rated as 40 ASA by many pro photographers, and not the film?s
official rating of 50 ASA.

The best object for your shooting is usually without a mixture
of highlights and heavy shadows. The ?colors? white and black
are on the other hand even difficult to handle together in full
sunlight With digital cameras the type of film emulsion is out
of concern, and you can always enhance the colors by increasing
the hue in Photoshop, ImageReady or with a similar program.

Anyway the same principle with the colors is also relevant when
taking digital pictures.

Have continued good luck with your travel photography.

Soren Breiting



-- By Robin Nobles

For those fortunate enough to have attended the Search Engine
Strategies 2001 Conference
( in San
Francisco a few weeks ago, the evolution of search engine
marketing couldn't be clearer.

Whereas a few years ago, when participants would have been
drilled on the "all important" META tags and keyword density
requirements, participants at the latest conference learned
strategies for writing search engine friendly content,
researching search terms, and building link popularity.

The importance of directories and pay engines was also stressed,
as well as advanced search engine optimization strategies such as
cloaking and tracking the conversion to sales.

So, to answer the question of what's important today when working
on your sites, keep these points in mind.

1. Don't forget the basics! Though META tags alone won't carry
you to a top 10 ranking, it's still crucial to create effective
title, description, keyword, and other tags as well as
remembering the importance of keyword prominence in your tags and
body text. Tip: To help you remember what's important on your
pages, use handy Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) software
(, which will make your search engine
optimization work much easier.

2. Don't spend countless hours trying to arrive at the "perfect"
keyword weight. If you'll search for top ranking sites at any of
the engines for your most important keyword phrase, you'll more
than likely find keyword weights that range from virtually non-
existent to rather high, even 8%. For general optimization
purposes, aim for a good average of between 3-5% for the body
text, and be prepared to raise or lower it as needed.

3. Research your search terms! Don't assume that you know how
your customers will search. Instead, use a service like
and find out how people are really searching.

4. Good, solid content is definitely the way to go with your
pages. Create your pages as if you're writing a focused article
about one particular keyword phrase. Keep your word count in the
neighborhood of 200 to 600 words in the body text, and use your
keyword phrase prominently on the page.

5. Keep it simple! Remember that the engines like simplicity, and
so do Web users. Don't use technology that makes it difficult for
either the engines or users. Stay away from frames, Flash, heavy
graphics and image maps, and lengthy JavaScript.

6. Work hard on building link popularity with other related
sites. Remember that it's not sheer numbers that are important
here. Rather, it's having links pointing to and from your site
from other related and important sites.

7. Monitor your search engine rankings carefully, and be prepared
to do further tweaking if those rankings slip. A really sharp new
Web-based ranking service was introduced at the conference, and
I'm in the process of trying it out myself as a beta tester. It's
called WebRank, and rather than running a hefty software program
and using my own resources, WebRank checks my rankings for me,
then notifies me by e-mail of those rankings and when the
rankings slip, etc. While they're in the pre-launch mode,
membership is still free, so now's the time to try out this brand
new service at

8. Track your traffic and pay attention to the conversion of
traffic to sales. Another new service that was announced at the
conference was WebPosition Gold's new Traffic Analyzer service
that's included in version 1.60.
The service is available for a free 30-day trial at
Gold customers, however, get an additional 90 days of free
service as well as substantially discounted pricing over regular customers.

9. Don't forget the importance of the major directories like
Yahoo!, the Open Directory Project, and LookSmart, and be sure to
submit your site to them. Also, look for other "vertical"
directories in your focus area by visiting a site like Beaucoup
(, which lists over 2,000 search engines
and directories.

10. If you want visibility fast, consider the pay engines like
GoTo and FindWhat. With so many of the major engines now using
the top results from the pay engines, if you're having a
difficult time achieving top rankings using standard optimization
efforts, paying for keywords will get you where you want to be
much faster.

In Conclusion . . .

The search engine industry continues to evolve at an alarming
rate, and if you aren't willing to keep up, you'll be left

How can you keep up?

Planet Ocean Communications publishes an excellent monthly
newsletter ( You can also
sign up for a couple of free monthly newsletters, such as or

Finally, consider attending the next Search Engine Strategies
conference yourself, and learn the latest happenings in this
dynamic industry.

Robin Nobles is Director of Training for the Academy of Web
Specialists ( Robin has taught well over a
thousand students in her online and onsite search engine
positioning courses during the past several years. Her latest
book Web Site Analysis and Reporting, as well as her past book,
Streetwise Maximize Web Site Traffic, can be ordered through
Amazon. Visit the Academy's training site to learn more about
their search engine ranking courses and products.



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